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Just a few of the authors we've worked with...


Candescent Press has formatted eBooks and print books for numerous top selling authors. We've designed book covers for every genre from literary fiction to quiz books, from business guides to kids stories, from biographies to thrillers and much more.

As well as the authors listed below, we also work with a wide range of independent publishers, formatting print and eBooks for their own authors.

Here are just a selection (and if you work with us we'd love to feature your books too)...

Today's Highlighted Authors

Phoney War

No Mind
Fraser Collins

Anne Yarborough: Bowl of Light
Christina Tetreault: The Teacher's Billionaire
Claire Hayes: Everyday Happiness
Colby and Song Cash: Only Once a Child
Fraser Collins: No Mind
Grant MacDonald: The Lyon's Blood
Janet Farahmand: Forever Alliance
Jenny Burnley: Zenzoris Returns
Jenny Gaze: The Ultimate High
Jess Money: Public Enemies
Joe Acton: Slumgullion
Johannes Marais: Killer
John Hammond: A Martian Named Zoom
John 'JT' Roberts: The Enchanted Highway
Joyce Schneider: Embryo
Maryann Macpherson: The Missing Red Shoes
Mick Bose: Fatal Trial
Mike Beddard: Scaling the Depths
Nick Smith: Out of the Blue
Nicola Lewis: Ciao for Now
Philip Bradley: Tiger Trails
Rani Manicka: Black Jack
Ross Alexander: Soul Reading
Sam Croft: The Watcher
Stella McGuinness and Brenda Carroll: Good Vibrations
Susan Morris: Fritha's Summer
Virginia Painter and Philippa Dunn: Two Ducks in Venice