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Writing is what you do let us take care of the rest


If you're looking for a professional eBook design service, with a personal touch, then you've come to the right place...

Writing a book isn't easy. We know that. You know that. Once you've written your book, the last thing you want is to start worrying about formatting, about how to build a table of contents, or about making sure cover images display correctly. You've done the hard part, let us take care of the rest.

Why choose Candescent Press? Our eBooks and print books are entirely crafted by hand, rather than using an automated process. Most other formatters will take the file you send and simply convert it so it can be read as an eBook. We go much further, following an extensive process that we've refined over the years. The process has more than fifty stages, which pick up on many of the errors and inconsistencies that creep into a manuscript during the writing process. Every single paragraph of text is formatted individually by hand - ensuring consistency throughout, and producing a book that is as good, and often better, than the bestsellers from the big publishers.

Don't compromise. Give your book the best chance of success.

Formatting - just £149 per book

We can format pretty much any book for the Kindle, or into the common ePub format. We make sure everything is perfect, including contents, legal info, covers, illustrations, chapters, links and more. Most novels are only £149, and we'll quickly quote a great price for more complex books. All our books are formatted by hand, with great care. We'll make minor changes for free, even after you've published, as we care about the quality of your book.

Want a paperback too? If you'd like to hold a copy of the book in your hands, as well as publish it in eBook format, then we can format a paperback version for the same price. The paperback version will be sold on sites such as Amazon, right beside all the big name authors.

Cover Design - just £149 for a professional, eye catching cover

We produce great covers that won't look out of place on the bestseller lists. Check out our book covers here.


Use one of our services and we'll provide free advice on self-publishing. It's really easy and you have total control. We can help you through the whole process step by step.

Get Started Now...

Simply email to tell us about your book, or with any questions you have, and you'll be a published author in no time.

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